The History of The Women of Winter

Womens Hockey - Outdoor ShinnyIt all started at an outdoor rink in downtown Toronto.

What does a 40-something gal do when she’s looking for a game for the first time in her life and there isn’t one?

The Women of Winter was founded in 2005 by Deirdre Norman to facilitate the grassroots growth of the women’s hockey game in Toronto, Canada. In thirteen years we have become a global community reaching across borders and continents to bridge cultures while playing the best game.

T.W.O.W. supports and promotes women hockey players of all ages and skill levels – from those playing shinny at local outdoor rinks, to our elite women hockey players in the Canadian Women’s Hockey League (C.W.H.L).

T.W.O.W. activities include trips to international hockey tournaments, teaching hockey skills, supporting youth programs, advocating for equal ice time for women players (regardless of level), and the legendary annual outdoor women’s shinny tournament held in Toronto since 2006. We pride ourselves in changing the world, one rink at a time!