Meet Team T.W.O.W.

Deirdre - Founder and Empress of TWOW Hockey
Deirdre Norman, #13, Founder and Empress of T.W.O.W. Hockey

Deirdre decided to lace up her skates at the age of 45 after seeing how much fun her two children were having on the ice. Well, and because her husband made hockey sexy. She fell in love with the outdoor game and has been faithful ever since.

An advocate for the women’s game, Deirdre works on the premise that if we build a big enough and strong enough community we will change the world, one rink at a time.


Jean - TWOW US Ambassador
Jean Zelt, #21, T.W.O.W. U.S. Ambassador

Jean’s been a hockey player since her senior year in college, when she took a “learn to play” class at the University of Pittsburgh. Since then, just about every good thing in her life can be traced, directly or indirectly, back to the game and the community.

Her combined love for hockey and travel (and good beer) has taken her around the world and eventually brought her to TWOW, where she’s made it her mission to create new opportunities for players to connect all over the world.