What the Women of Winter Are All About

It all started at an outdoor rink in downtown Toronto…

The Women of Winter began in 2005 when one woman went out to play hockey for the first time ever—and didn’t find anything.

That woman was Deirdre Norman, and that was the day she decided women deserved their own ice time.

Ever since then the Women of Winter has become a grassroots hub of women’s hockey across the globe, operating out of Toronto, Canada. The organization teaches hockey skill development programs, organizes trips to international hockey tournaments, and holds the legendary women’s outdoor shinny—which has been running strong since 2006.

The Women of Winter also support local youth groups and prep elite hockey players for the Canadian Women’s Hockey League (CWHL).

Our Team of Experts

Deirdre Norman #13

Founder and Empres of T.W.O.W Hockey


After seeing her husband and children have a blast on the rink for years, Deirdre stepped onto the rink herself at 45. She fell in love with the game almost as much as her family, and she’s been advocating for women’s involvement in hockey ever since.

She’s built Women of Winter on the belief that we can change the world when we create a strong enough community. It’s been our motto ever since.

Jean Zelt #21

T.W.O.W U.S Ambassador


Jean’s been playing hockey since her first time learning the sport in her senior year in Pittsburgh. If you ask her, just about every good thing in life can be traced back to hockey—including travel and good beer.

Her love for hockey led her around the world, bringing her to the Women of Winter. She’s made it her mission to connect players all over the world, creating opportunities for them at every step of the way.

Meet Our Sponsors

Barry Walmsley, Travel and Play

Barry Walmsley (“The Barry” to those in the know) is the owner of Travel and Play, which has been organizing sports teams’ trips around the world for 30 years. We use Barry’s professional services often and can tell you that he’s the real deal. Barry is also an avid supporter of the Women of Winter, and we’re proud to work together..

Junction Craft Brewing, Toronto, Canada

Junction Craft Brewing was established in West Toronto’s historic railway neighbourhood, The Junction, in 2011 by Tom and Doug. Their mission is to create balanced, flavourful versions of diverse beer styles, while sharing a passion for their enjoyment with a wide range of beer drinkers. Needless to say, Tom plays hockey and really stepped up the game by sponsoring TWOW. Thanks

Balzac's Coffee Roasters, Toronto, Canada

Balzac’s cafés celebrates local culture wherever it opens a location, serving diverse communities for years. Balzac’s has become a central gathering place for locals to converse, and the Women of Winter have loved spending time here for as long as any of us can remember. We’re proud to have Balzac’s as a sponsor that celebrates the Women of Winter’s diversity.

Pro Stock Hockey

Pro Stock Hockey is on a mission to provide the best hockey equipment available at the lowest possible prices to players of all ages and skill levels. We can testify that their deals are legendary and their staff are as knowledgeable as they are friendly. We’ve gone to them for our equipment and have never been let down.

Friends of TWOW 

Vectoria Design

Vickie, the founder and principal creative at Vectoria Design, has been a long-time supporter of the Women of Winter and the CWHL, not to mention many other local businesses in Toronto. She creates beautiful brands, logos, websites, and advertising material. One look at that portfolio and you’ll wish your business was a part of it.

Sponsorship Inquiries

Want to help support TWOW’s mission – “Changing the World, One Rink at a Time”? Contact us for opportunities to sponsor tournaments, appear on our website, or be featured in our social feeds. We can customize packages for serious supporters of women’s hockey.